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Mary Miller Spirit of Excellence Award


The Mary Miller Spirit of Excellence Award was created in honor of our dear friend Mary Miller. She is a true advocate for the health and wellness of children in Arkansas using her talents to fuel her passion. She has written and been awarded countless grants benefiting student and community wellness that will affect Arkansans for years to come, established 5 School-Based Health Clinics in Springdale School District and spearheading school health efforts and projects throughout Arkansas. Mary Miller holds a degree in Social Work and has been the recipient of many prestigious awards throughout her career including the Mental Health Champion Award (2022), SBHC Legacy Award (2019), Arkansas Coordinated Health Coordinator of the Year (2015), and SBHC Legacy Award (2014). She was an integral part in founding the School-Based Health Alliance of Arkansas and has served on the Board of Directors in many capacities since the Alliance's establishment in 2014 including President-Elect, President, and Past President. Mary may have retired from Springdale School District in 2022 but continues to support the Alliance and the community. We will feel her presence and work in our mission for years to come. Mary Miller is an inspiration for future leaders in the field and has always strived to exude the spirit of excellence "for the kids."

Nominations currently closed.

Nominations are open throughout January of each year.

Award recipients are announced at the annual Spring Symposium in April.


2022 Mary Miller

2023 Donna Robinson

2024 Melissa Alderson

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